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Production OSOAK S.A.L
Offers customers the possibility of gathering components of proven quality and through their suppliers undergo a thorough ongoing evaluation according to ISO 9001:2008, maintaining a safety stock also agreed with the client thereby performing a personalized service.

It has a section where you store receive and inspect each component taking into account your location and coding:

A) Component Type: Conventional or SMD

B) Type of Source: Material Property or client.  

Then classifying each sub-component (capacitor, resistor etc. ..)

Specially developed the Purchasing Department for all those customers who request either Osoak who perform this function.

a It is also in this section where inspected once the components according to the required quality levels; orders for further manufacture are prepared.

The components are formed taking into account factors such as type of component (resistors, capacitors), raster (length between legs) etc. .. Osoak for it, has both axial and radial forming machines such as electric and manual.

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