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Welcome to OSOAK S.A.L

It is an enterprise of Social Economy, born in December of 1993, dedicated to the assembly of electronic circuits, (e-sourcing).

Focused initially, to companies within the electronics industry, have developed their products and for different reasons, outsource assembly of circuits.
Among the sectors in which we work are, home automation, home appliances, power control, motor protection, renobables power, lighting, etc..

Our services are tailored to customer needs. Ranging from the collection of components and manufacturing already designed circuit, to a global service, they based on a need or idea, the design and manufacture of the product, whether electronic, and its presentation (boxes, wrapping presentation is done, catalogs, etc..)

Today we are able to conduct research and design of electronic circuits and systems required by companies. This engineering work with proven ability in research and design.

For our SME structure, we are able to offer flexibility and speed, being specialized in small and medium series / large ..           


So it is the best choice of outsourcing in today's market: Professional Ratio: High level of knowledge and experience in the sector.          

  1. Work Reason: outsourcing in today's market
  2. Professional Ratio: High level of knowledge and experience in the sector.
  3. Economic Reasons:  Reliability and quality at competitive prices, reducing costs in outsourcing services and access to professional equipment and technology to lower investment (cost)
  4. Legal Reasons:  Law 13/82 (art 38) Social integration of disabled says in his first point that "Companies that use a number of permanent employees in excess of 50 are required to use another number not less handicapped workers 2% of the template, and subsequently to the difficulty of compliance appears the Royal Decree 27/2000 of January 14 by fixing alternatives in Article 2, first paragraph where it says that "the alternative measures that companies can implement to comply Law can be the Performing a contract MERCHANTABILITY OR CIVIL with a special employment center for services and accessories outside of normal business activity.


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Social Responsibility


Is understood as the active and voluntary social, economic and environmental improvement contributions by companies, usually with the aim of improving its competitive position and valuation as well as added value.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) the Company Social Responsibility (CSR) is the set of actions that companies take into consideration that their activities are positive impact on society.