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 What is an EEC? It is a figure created by Law 13/1982 of 7 April, the Social Integration of the Disabled, are institutions of work integration and are considered basic elements inclusive of people with disabilities in the so-called ordinary world of work, when their circumstances personal, consistent with their disability, can not take up jobs under the usual conditions.

ECEs are companies whose main goal is to do productive work, participating regularly in market operations, and whose purpose is to ensure gainful employment and the provision of personal and social adjustment requiring workers with disabilities.

It is recognized as CEE by a company that promotes job training and integration of people with some kind of disability, showing that people who for various reasons have a physical, mental or sensory disability to fully adapt to the labor market, developing assembly work and manufacture of electrical circuits and equipment.

        In   OSOAK we know that the most important thing a company is its people, so it has made since its establishment, training and recycling in relation to new technologies, achieving full integration of staff in the project company.                  



A Throughout our history, has achieved a steady development, thanks to the trust our clients have placed in us, being present in many industrial sectors (lighting, industrial electronics, security, access control, home automation, power control, etc.)
Regulatory legislation:
  • Law 13/1982 of 7 April, Social Integration of the Disabled.
  • Royal Decree 22273/1985 of 4 December, amending the Regulation EEC approved.
  • Royal Decree 1368/1985 of 17 July, approving the employment of disabled special character of work in the EEC is regulated.
  • Royal Decree 27/2000 of 14 January, why alternative measures compliance exceptional 2% are regulated.
  • Royal Decree 290/2004 of 20 February, why labor enclaves as a measure to promote employment of people with disabilities are regulated.
  • Royal Decree 364/2005 of 8 April, for which alternative compliance exceptional nature of the booking fee for workers with disabilities (BOE No 94 of 20 April), a standard that regulates, among other figures, labor enclaves as an alternative measure is adjusted for compliance by the companies cited as booking fee.
Osoak being an EEC allows our customers to benefit from the provisions of Art.2.1 Royal Decree 27/2000 of 14 January(for which the alternative measures to comply exceptional 2% are regulated.) to make a commercial contract compensating the OBLIGATION of hiring people with disabilities. A
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